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House of the Dragon, Creatures and Assets

As a creature sculptor, I mostly worked on Vermithor's sculpt and blendshapes, but also on partial sculpt and modeling of Arrax, Syrax (extra geo) and Vhagar along with elements integrated on Vhagar's skin.

Ironically building the saddles from scratch for Vhagar, Arrax and Syrax has been one of the tasks I had more fun with. Although I received concepts of the general idea I could design great part of them myself, especially for the ones for Vhagar and Arrax.
The main seat with which the actors directly interact was made traditionally by the HBO team.

As for character work on the digital doubles, I did the grooming for young Rhaenyra, Lucerys and Laena. I'll post some breakdowns once I'm able to.

Being able to unleash my creativity at times felt like leaving a bit of my own essence on the show and I'm very grateful for having received that trust from my team and supervisor.